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After the holidays and a long stint of fighting colds and illnesses, we are back. I apologize for the long delay, but life happens and it was definitely not a planned delay because I am way behind on my product reviews.

I have been waiting to do this one for a while now. When I first decided I wanted to start this blog I reached out on Facebook to see where I should start. I had an old soccer teammate  contact me. He is a representative for a major hair care product company, Surface Hair. He thought of his oils when I was asking about products that would be great for a beard. Not a product that comes up when you search for Beard Oils, but definitely one that fits the profile of what your skin and beard need to help grow a thick and healthy beard. I was quick to accept his invitation to use Surface!

As I was a mentor to him as a upper class man on the field, he taught me some things about oils, carrier oils, and how the science behind his products help with the condition of my beard. It was seriously mind blowing, and I really appreciate him reaching out. I am pretty sure he was returning the favor for all the knowledge I gave him while under my wing back in the day.

Here is a little exert from their website that explains more about their product in their own words, which are way more complete and thought out than what I may have written:


Babassu Oil is pressed from the seeds of the Babassu Palm Tree. When nuts ripen and fall to the ground they are gathered and cracked open by “Babassu Breakers” – women whose livelihood is to harvest and crack the nuts. Brazilian women have been using Babassu oil on their skin for centuries. Babassu oil is known for its healing powers throughout the world; it is easy to see why the tree is known as the “Tree of Life”. Babassu oil is a non-drying penetrating oil that is considered a superior emollient beneficial for either dry or oily skin and hair. It gently moisturizes without leaving an oily sheen or weight. Penetrating oils are preferred to Petroleum and Mineral Oil as both of these create a barrier on the skin and hair, nothing goes in and nothing can get out. Repeated uses of such moisturizers can clog pores and build up, potentially resulting in skin irritation and damaging the hair. Surface botanical penetrating moisture becomes complete with the soothing healing powers of Aloe and omega-3 nutrient, antioxidant rich Flax Seed Oil.From Surface Hair Products Website

These are two samples that were shared with me:


Normal to Coarse Hair
Intensify Shine
Seals Color
Define Style
Free of Artificial Color


Intensify Shine
Use Wet & Dry
Seals Color
Define Style

I want to say the first thing I noticed about these products that was different than the beard oils I had been testing out, was the scent. They weren’t trying to be manly or make you feel like a woodsman, they smelled like what you would get from a Salon, which makes complete sense. It was kind of refreshing. I don’t always need to smell like the “Old Spice Man”, sometimes a soft nice scent is kind of nice. Something that stays with you all day and makes you feel refreshed.

As the other oils I have used, I put about a dime size amount in my palm and rubbed my hands together to disperse the oil evenly between my hands. Then started from the base of my beard and massaged into my skin and the hair going from the inside out. Wow, what a difference. The quality of this product was present from the beginning. As I am applying the oil, my hair is turning into butter and feels great. I didn’t need a special shampoo or anything to help my beard get soft and knot free. These oils did an amazing job doing it by themselves.

My wife had sent me a blog she had read about Women being able to use their men’s beard oil to shave their legs if in a crunch. I decided to go ahead and try this same theory on my neckbeard and cleaning up my cheeks (Yes, I am a hairy man!). Once again I was amazed. The Surface Bassu Oil Products are amazing. They made my skin incredibly soft and I had no razor burn or irritation. I don’t know if I will use a shaving cream again!

This goes to show that many hair care products are not marketed to the beard, and actually can be used on our beards and make them feel amazing. Thank you Surface Hair Products and my friend for opening my eyes to something I don’t think I would have tried without the encouragement.

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