With my last blog I started a theme of companies or individuals that have reached out to have me try their products. This week I am continuing with that theme. I had one of my bearded brethren from Budapest (Hungry) reach out and ask me to check out their product, Lumbersoul. I thought this would be an opportunity to try another great product and let all my loyal followers know about it.

Lumbersoul is a relatively new company, started in 2016. Here is a bio from the owner and lead manufacturer who is not new to the beard game:

“I’ve been growing a beard for the last 5 years -sometimes shorter, sometimes longer- and after trying tons of different products and not really being satisfied with the textures or the essences, I decided to develop my own beard oil. That was 2 years ago, when I started to research about beard oil recipes. After a few months I started to get close to the final product. By that time, my bearded friends started to ask me for “samples” and in this way I got the first feedbacks. They loved it and they really pushed me to develop more products with different essences. It was in that moment I decided not to share my products just with my friends, but to establish a brand and give the chance to every bearded man to moisturize their beard and skin and to experience the same feeling of cleanness and freshness at a reasonable price.”

He was motivated to develop something that worked great, when he couldn’t find the right product out there. That is pretty amazing. Below is my experience with Lumbersoul “Sex Appeal” beard oil and beard balm.

Beard Oil

Their beard oil has a great scent, it kept my beard soft and snag free while brushing! It had a nice citrus scent that lingered throughout the day. It left me feeling like I had just sliced into a fresh Florida orange. This citrus scent is very unique and I found it soothing and up lifting.

Beard Balm

As with the Beard Oil it was a great scent, as it also carried the same citrus scent. It was also a great product to manage my mane. My work environment goes from office to, production floor, to the elements of outside, and back again. Lumbersoul Beard Balm kept my style the same from the start of day to the end. So, having my beard smell fresh and look good at the end of my work day, always gets a “Two Thumbs Up” from my wife.

If you are looking for a refreshing, soothing scent, I highly recommend Lumbersoul’s “Sex Appeal” products. Thank you to Lumbersoul for reaching out to me and I appreciate good products, and I encourage other companies to contact me if they are interested in a review.

On a complete side note:

I haven’t discussed the graphics of products, which is a complete shock to myself as a web and graphic design artist by trade. I will say I love how Lumbersoul had their black bottles with the bright labels. I love the orange labels of the “Sex Appeal”, but looking at the others, they made an amazing choice visually. I would definitely pick Lumbersoul off a shelve of beard products just for the visual appeal.

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