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Welcome back! This week I’ve got some Straight Up Beard Oil from Live Bearded, and am trying my Free wood Live Bearded beard comb.

This product was unlike others I have reviewed because I only have the single product. Seems like I have had an entire line of products with the other companies (wash, oil, balm, etc.). I started the week just using the oil with my normal hair shampoo and soap cleaning my beard while in the shower. The Straight Up Beard Oil went on easy, and like others, didn’t leave a greasy mess after applied. I followed their youtube video instruction, and massaged the oil into my skin under my beard. I was never itchy and saw no signs of dandruff. It even seemed to tame my beard.

Later in the week, I decided to mix and match Straight Up Beard Oil with other washes and balms I had on hand, and it worked well with others. Since it is fragrance-free, I had no competition of smells when the balm I used had a scent. I wish I would have thought to purchase their beard butter, but I was a rookie and wasn’t thinking about the big picture. Maybe in the future I’ll do an update with the Live Bearded Beard Butter paired with the Straight Up Beard Oil.

As I was rambling on about the oil, I almost forgot to mention what I thought about the Wood Live Bearded comb. It went through my beard with ease and didn’t get snagged. I did feel I needed to comb the beard with more repetition than I have to with a plastic brush. I would love to have one with a handle just to make it easier to hold, wouldn’t change the functionality, just my preference. I did love that I found this blog post on the Live Bearded blog. There is a section in it that explains what plastic combs and brushes do to your beard and why you should use a high quality wooden comb. And because of that I have been using my wood comb more and getting used to it. Change always take a little time to get used to.

I really enjoyed the oil, and as I get better with the comb, am moving toward liking it. But as I said, with the facts that I found on Live Bearded website, I will continue using my wooden comb for the health of my beard. Check out Live Bearded, I think you will like what they have to offer.

If you need information on just about anything going on with your beard, Live Bearded seems to cover it with a blog post or video. It seemed like every click I found an answer to another question I had been asking myself. Below are a list of some I thought were useful.

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