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I am bringing you on my longest review to date, featuring HighWest Beard. I found this company when searching for samples, but I was not prepared for what they have to offer. HighWest has samples galore. If you are unsure on what scent you want, this is the place to go. They don’t just have a “sample pack”, but they also parlayed that with “sample pack new scents”, and they did it for both oils and balms.  I knew this was going to be insane with a total of 12 scents in both the oil and balm and it definitely didn’t disappointed.

I found their customer service easy to contact and pretty amazing. To help explain a little about HighWest, I pulled a few details from their website to provide insight into the company and products. “HighWest Beard was started by beard-lovers FOR beard-lovers. After trying just about every beard product out there, we knew something was missing so we formulated some of the best beard care products on the planet. High West Beard offers the best beard oils, balms and waxes that can be physically achieved and produced by mortals.”

Can you imagine what 12 flavors they could come up with? Where do you even start? Ordering the sample pack was key to figuring out what my favorite scent was. I made notes of my initial reaction of each scent to share with you. May not be 100% accurate, but my initial reactions.

I also used HighWest Beard Shampoo. It smelled great with a citrus scent and did an amazing job with softening and making my beard tangle free. The shampoo along with the oil made my skin and beard feel amazing. I had a great scent all day long and the balm let me maintain the style I wanted. These three products are a great  combination, that compliment each other.

I have used many products, and I have to say this company is doing it right in many different ways. They have an  insane variety, and offer samples of each of scent. Surprisingly not all companies with this type of variety offer samples, and I believe they are missing out. HighWest also have a great gift idea with a “Beard of the Month” program. Get a new oil every month and be the first to try some of their new scents. Finally their customer service was great and got me out of a bind with no questions asked (do not order product after Happy Hour).

HighWest is top notch and right now my go to is their “Gentleman’s Blend” oil and balm. It has an amazing citrus scent that stands out for me as it is starting to get warm again here in Florida. Citrus is such a calming smell.

Check HighWest Beard out and let me know what you think!

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