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  • Dr. Carver – Easy Save Butter
  • Dr. Carver – Magnanimous Post Shave Cream

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I know, I know, what the hell am I writing about a shave club on a beard blog?!?!?!

Bear with me, I see the benefit of a club like this, and they make the best quality razors I have ever tried for a great price. Unless your beard naturally grows at the correct angles on your check bone so your beard compliments your face, then you need to clean it up. Also, do you keep a neck beard? Or do you keep it neat and trimmed along your neck? I know personally, if I didn’t use a razor for maintenance, I would look like a werewolf! Cheek hair up to my eyeballs and neck hair that connects with my chest hair. I know, I know, I am a hairy dude. I’m not ashamed of it!

Let’s get to some of the products I would recommend from Dollar Shave Club for my bearded friends. As I already mentioned, you have to have a good blade. Dollar Shave Club has three levels of blades, I have only used the middle level ($6/month) and they are way better than the expensive store bought razors I have used all my life. While using these for the last 5 plus years, the only problem I have had was I needed to replace the handle one. They sell them for a one time fee of $5, but you get one free with your initial order.

The second product used is the Dr. Carver Easy Shave Butter. This is an alternative to shaving gel or shaving cream. I found that it made my skin soft and when I would shave, it was like cutting warm butter. No nicks, no cuts, no irritation. It was pretty great. My wife even uses this Shave Butter for her legs and has eliminated any irritation or razor burn she has had in the past.

The third product used is the Dr. Carver Magnanimous Post Shave Cream. This has a great smell and like the Shave Butter, made my skin feel so soft, and I had no chafing or discomfort after shaving my neck. Traditionally, I can’t stand a fresh shaved neck, but the Post Shave Cream almost made it enjoyable.

If you like to keep your beard maintained with a tight and clean look, you should definitely look into a Dollar Shave Club membership. They seem to be coming out with new products every month or two. I see them dipping into the beard industry with a balm, butter, wax and maybe even some oil. Keep an eye out, and then you can tell me how smart I am at that point. #NoCrystalBallNecessary

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