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I have been waiting for this week, as I grew up on the west side of Michigan, I always want to support and promote our friends from the Mitten State. Isn’t that why I drink Bell’s Oberon all summer long? It’s just habit. I hear that Detroit is dying, but up from the ashes I find Detroit Grooming Co.

I’m gonna stop and admit something. As I have explained before, I am not a man who has used many products in my beard, and it is even more unusual for a comb or brush to hit the hair on my head. If the hands can’t do it, it takes too long. Well, I initially got a sample of Detroit Grooming Co. Pomade. I was excited to try it out and see how it would work on my beard. Then I did some research and I couldn’t find any video on the Detroit Grooming Co. site using it. After contacting Detroit Grooming Co. they provided me with a video to use the product. Sooooo, I feel like an idiot, but I admitted it, and am learning from it, and now I hope to help you not look and feel like an idiot. I’m not an expert, just a guy trying to find what works best for his beard and help others do the same.

After the whole, not a beard product fiasco, I ordered Detroit Beard Co. Beard Poo – Beard Cleanser, Beard Oil – The Corktown Beard Oil, and  the Beard Butter – Detroit Grooming Company.

As with my review of Bearded Guyz I was able to get a shampoo, oil and balm/beard butter. And also like others, I will start in the order you use the products.

Detroit Beard Co. Beard Poo – Beard Cleanser

This is on the top of my list of shampoos I have used for my beard. If you run your hands through your beard before using it, you can feel the difference as soon as you work your lathered hands through your beard and work in the shampoo. Your hair gets softer, no tangles and a nice sweet vanilla smell. Makes me want to go wash my beard as I write this. 

Detroit Beard Co. Beard Oil – The Corktown Beard Oil

As with a lot of the products, I like to ask my wife what she thinks of the smell, and we both came to the conclusion that it is a sweet smell, like a tobacco (not smoke, but a pipe) with vanilla. Then as I am writing this I finally got to Detroit Beard Co. site and read their description:

“Named after the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, we’ve been told that our Corktown Beard Oil scent is reminiscent of the old world. Perhaps of a simpler time, when a man never let a day go by without putting in hard work, and knew how to kick his feet up when he got home to relax with the smell of sweet tobacco in his pipe. Corktown is an easy scent that is sweet and yet mild enough to let you know that you can relax all day as our pleasingly scented oil goes to work in your hard earned beard. Expertly blended, the cedarwood, vanilla, and tobacco, will draw you back in your chair with that rare kind of satisfaction.”

I usually stay away from their descriptions so I am not influenced, but usually just use their websites and YouTube to find videos and How-To’s for the products. 

The oil was great. It didn’t leave any excess oil on my hands after using it, and I loved the smell that wasn’t over powering, but let me know it was there as I worked in the warehouse.

Beard Butter – Detroit Grooming Co.

I felt that Beard Butter did an amazing job taming the strays and helping me style my beard in a manner I thought looked sweet! I thought it had a similar smell to The Corktown Beard Oil, but that may have been because I had used that before applying this to tame the strays.

After reading the description of this product, I found that you can use it in the place of the oil, if oil isn’t your thing, but I found they worked great together and the scent wasn’t overwhelming, but rather pleasing.

All in all, I have to give Detroit Grooming Co. 11 thumbs up, one for each Stanley Cup that came home to Detroit. I would definitely check out the vast variety of product for your beard as well as the nuisance on your heads. I also love their apparel as a Michigander! This one is my favorite!

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