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  • Beard Friendly Oil
    Sex Panther Scent
  • Beard Friendly Tamer

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Instructional Videos?

Yes for the Tamer, at the bottom of the page. Click Here

Sorry for the delay for this post, things have been crazy. Being a father of what seems like 50 kids is like having 10 extra full time jobs. I try to get these things out weekly, but life happens. I hope you accept my apology and keep on reading.

This week I finally got to my Beard Friendly products, I have been chomping at the bit to see what their Tamer is all about. I used the Beard Friendly – Sex Panther Oil and the Beard Friendly – Tamer. As always, I will start with what I used first and go from there. Here goes the Oil!

Beard Friendly – Sex Panther Oil

Bottle says:

“Comb and squeeze dropper through beard, distributing the oil evenly. Using both hands message oil through beard, to the skin.”

Even though I found this method unorthodox, I tried it anyways. It didn’t work at all. I got oil all over the place, I felt like I was in college again, and in a baby pool full of baby oil, I had to change my entire work attire. I really wish there was a video showing this technique, I am very interested to see someone do it correctly. At the time I had at least 5” of beard and thought I would be good. But after the mess I contacted a rep at Beard Friendly, and they confirmed you could do it this way, or the traditional  oil in my palm and massage till warm procedure. I opted for the later. Maybe the method is for people with longer beards, maybe one day I’ll let it grow again and revisit.

Back to what I thought of the Beard Friendly – Sex Panther Oil. It had a Musk/Woodsie scent, but was disappointed it didn’t last long. It definitely made my beard feel great and was very soft. Saw a review that said how great the “Sex Panther” scent was and it got his wife in the mood, but in all reality it didn’t work the same on my wife. She said it smelled like the essential oils she gave me to put on my pillow so I would stop snoring. So, overall I liked the scent, but wished the scent stayed with me throughout the day.

Beard Friendly – Tamer

This is what I have been very excited to try. How easy would it be if this Tamer worked great, just spray on my beard, run my hands or comb through my beard and go!!! Tamer doesn’t have a scent, so it isn’t competing with the oil scent you choose from Beard Friendly. The first time I used it I couldn’t appreciate it. I believe their oil did a great job of keeping my beard hair tame that I saw no reason to use their tamer and was kind of upset that I had purchased it. But recently I needed something before my kids soccer game. I grabbed the Beard Friendly – Tamer and was very pleased. So, I decided to take several days off of Oil and Balm and see what happens if I just use the Tamer. Beard Friendly Tamer killed it!!! Kept my beard looking good and tamed my just out of bed wild beard hairs.

All and all I am very proud to promote Beard Friendly products! I do wish the oil scent lasted longer, but it’s quality and the Tamer made up for it.

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