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  • Beard Oil
    The Mountain Man- Pine and Cedar
  • Beard Balm Trial
    The Mountain Man- Pine and Cedar
  • Hog Wash
    The Mountain Man- Pine and Cedar

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Instructional Videos?

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This week I have a sample pack from Badass Beard Care. This sample pack contains a 1oz. sample bottle of Chucks Hog Wash – an all natural beard and body wash, as well as a sample size beard oil and beard balm. I went with The Mountain Man- Pine and Cedar scent. You can get your own Free Sample by going to and following the instructions. I believe all I paid was $2.50 for shipping and handling. With your order, you also get a card with instructions on how to use the product and a guitar pick to use to get the balm from its container. You know you don’t want that stuff under your nails. I thought that was a pretty good addition.

First off, they provide a great “how-to” video that is recommended to watch all the way through to see the size of the samples and how to properly apply them for best results. I found it very helpful and it shows the differences between beard oil and beard balm. They also just launched a YouTube channel you should check it out for more videos.

Enough with the information, right? What did you think of the products?

I will go in the order in which you would use them.

Chucks Hog Wash – 

This wash brought me back to my memories of when I was a kid. My parents would always have a shampoo called Denorex that had a very strong smell and would burn my eyes. Chucks Hog Wash had a similar smell, but by no means burned my eyes. It didn’t take much in my palms to work up a lather, and wash my beard. I can’t say I felt as if I was using anything special, it felt just like the cheap shampoo I have used for years on my head and beard. 

Badass Beard Care Beard Oil

In the video it says to use 10-12 drops for every three inches of beard. My beard right now is a little longer than this, so I used 15 drops. I rubbed my palms together until they were warm and started with the under side of the beard and went from there as the video said to do. I immediately felt my beard turn soft and my hand run through any post-shower knots. There were zero snags and the hair felt smooth and soft, but not greasy. The Mountain Man scent was great. The smell made me feel like I was back up north at my buddy’s Christmas Tree farm. Just the right amount so that it didn’t take over, but gave me that fresh, clean feeling.

Badass Beard Care Beard Balm

Again following the instructions on the video, I started from the outsides and and started getting the shape I wanted. It went on easily and tamed the beard to look how I wanted. I didn’t have a wood comb, so I just used my normal plastic brush with no problems or snags. The Mountain Man scent was again not over powering and was the perfect touch of Pine and Cedar. Is it Christmas yet?

I would definitely check out Badass Beard care and take advantage of the free samples while they last. I forgot to mention that there are 9 scents, so you can check them all out for a reasonable price. Check out one of the others and let me know what you think. They also offer a Badass Beard club if you want your products sent to you monthly hassle free.

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